Land Escape Series

This ongoing series of works is derived directly from images of the landscape, which we as humans, are inherently bound to through our close relationship to the land over millennia of our existence. Usually a low resolution image is converted to very high resolution. The very pixelized appearance is then completely re-rendered into color, form and shape suggested by the process and my imagination. I've always been interested in the tension between 'photographic' space and 'invented' space. These images hopefully leave you suspended somewhere between the two and help to re-bond your relationship to earth.

Spatial Recognition Series

This new series of works are essentially "revisions." I begin with what is usually a low resolution image that has been distorted through various means. From there I digitally re- envision the image, inventing and transforming its inner space. It represents an opportunity to create a very believable yet impossible image/space, or 'alternative realities.'

Coincident Series

My motivation is to create works that reference diverse times and spaces in an entangled way, are challenging to look at and reflect the human state of being. I aspire to celebrate the visual befuddlement that is our contemporary experience. The work is a meta-eclectic, walleyed mashup which I sometimes refer to as DATA dada.

The process by which these works are created is as follows: first I do some research looking for objects, images and graphic elements that exist and reference distinctly different times and spaces. I am looking for elements that have little or no relation to each other. Once I've found elements that are sufficiently distant from each other, I proceed to make a line rendition of each, composing the line drawings into overlapping layers.

This usually creates a pretty messy interaction of line drawings that are subsequently 'cleaned up', leaving a composition of shapes and forms that are part one thing and part another.

The shapes and forms that remain tend to suggest how they might be painted and I usually follow what is suggested to me, but not always. On occasion, the subject form and its environment requires some inventive solution that takes time to develop.

I use color primarily for it's value and conventional reference. I have recently been interested in the color in various landscapes. Using color as it appears in landscapes adds an additional dimension, one that connects our subconscious to the earth- a value that has been deeply seated in humans for millennia.

Shapes twist, turn and interlock in their local context while color represents pre-conceived meanings, often not related to the shape in which it resides. Dark and light suggest spacial illusion, but I intentionally do not cast hard shadows or concern myself too much with the perceived direction of light. Ambiguity, allusion, and lack of resolution seems more appropriate to our contemporary experience.

Since 2017, I have been creating the drawings for these works entirely on my iPad Pro using Procreate.